What Project Managers Need to Know About the Cloud?

There is no denying the fact that cloud computing has significantly changed how businesses access resources and applications. It has immensely transformed the computing landscape of an industry ultimately making data center project management more complex. Now there is an increased need for project managers to use the latest project management tools and software to keep up with the satisfactory user experience.

So, let’s find out how cloud computing has changed business operations for data project managers

Since cloud computing requires moving computing infrastructure from the business site to a remote location, IT consulting services providing firms estimate that it has completely changed how project managers and end users access the IT infrastructure and resources.

With the advent of cloud computing, the size and the skills required by the project management team has changed drastically.As in cloud computing, resource and applications are moved to the cloud which is maintained by a 3rd party service provider, the process involved in creating and maintaining these application has significantly changed.

Let’s understand these changes up close:

The Core Responsibilities of the Project Manager in the Pre-Cloud Era:
Prior to the advancement of cloud computing, the project manager had to work with the project developers and review their technological needs and requirements. The significant tasks at hand for most of these data project manager were to estimate the cost of the project, planning of the project, overseeing and management and project analysis. Project managers were needed to coordinate with the end users, and internal departments to test the results of the project.

How the role of project managers changed with the advent of cloud computing:
Since most businesses now use 3rd party vendor to develop and manage their IT infrastructure and resources, the size of internal project management team has gone down. There is no need for businesses to hire an in-house team to design and plan the storage plan. But they do have to stay in touch with outside designer and project planners.

But what project managers need to do more than ever is coordinate the cloud projects. Most of the tasks a project manager perform includes estimating the project cost and testing its efficiency. They perform these tasks with the outside vendors. Besides this, they need to internally coordinate with various businesses users and check the project acceptance.

When a business uses 3rd party vendor for hosting resources and applications, there is usually a less or no requirement for internal IT staff. It also makes issue resolution prompt and easy.
In the pre-cloud age, there was a need to keep a significant size of IT professionals in order to keep the IT infrastructure running. But with the advent of cloud computing, the size and skill sets of an internal IT staff have reduced. Today, project managers are required to have their IT personnel reskilled and positioned in the IT organization.