Some email security tips for your corporate environment

No doubt innovation in IT and the internet has eased our lives, but there are indeed more harms lurking in the web world than we can imagine. In spite of preventive measures available to tackle cyber crime, cyber criminals are finding new ways to take advantages of businesses system vulnerabilities.

However small or big a business is, the consequences of a system breach can be catastrophic. With companies relying heavily on email communication, email security is the most prominent concerns any organization has. Even with many email security solutions available in the market, cyber criminals are inventing more powerful threats to break the line of defense.

Here are a few tips companies can put in place to ensure their email communications is safe and secure.

Don’t forget about internal threats

Even though companies install measures like anti-spam, encryption, anti-malware to tackle cyber threats, criminals still manage to attack them. Cyber criminals are well aware how to turn a business’s most significant asset into its weakness. The human resource of any company is the easiest way through its internal data. When it comes to cyber security, employees are the biggest threat to any enterprise. As per a Gartner report, 84% of high-cost security accidents happen due to employees sharing company’s confidential data outside. Regardless of this, only a few companies take initiatives to train their employees. Training employees have proved to be the most effective way to combat the threats that arise due to employee negligence.

Back to basics

No doubt email security is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be always this. With a good email encryption solution in place, it can be much easier for the sender as well as the receiver to protect their emails from any outside threat. Besides this, through a policy-based email security solution, you can detect specific keywords, numbers, and attachments in emails that pass through the channel and identify possible data breach.

Plan ahead

Most often to implement email security and IT support  solutions, businesses need to have some basic requirements in place in advance. It is often found that these elements or two might be missing from the security system which results in an open pathway for threats to enter. Keeping systems and software up-to-date is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure the security of your emails.

Don’t forget about mobile

Smartphones have become a common commodity that everybody carries. This vital communication device can be quickly turned into a potential data threat for any organization. Since it can be easily stolen for lost, it has higher chances of getting hacked or compromised. Malware that preys on smartphones and mobile devices are increasingly becoming complicated and hard to track. IT consultants providing managed services Virginia Beach suggest companies that their email security policy should also consider BYOD policies to identify data breach risk associated with such devices.

Stay ahead of the curve

With some or the other company experiencing data breach and security threats every other day, it is the need of the hour for organizations to stay ahead of the time when it comes to threat management tactics. Besides IT professionals, employees should be well aware of the rapidly transforming security arena and ensure that their communication is well secured.